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TransTools Utilities


TransTools Utilities is a special Windows program with a number of useful commands that translators can use in a multitude of Windows programs.

Features overview:

  • System integration of Glossary Search: when you select a word or phrase in any Windows program and press a special key combination, Excel will launch (if not running) and Glossary Search command will be activated.
  • Paste Unformatted Text: this command pastes the current clipboard text in any Windows program without preserving the text's formatting.
  • Insert Symbol: allows you to insert special symbols into the active Windows program.
  • MemoQ Tag Shift: this command will be useful for those of you whose use memoQ. It will remove all tags from the current target segment and re-insert the tags at the very end of the segment.

How does it work?

Once installed, TransTools Utilities is placed in Windows Start-Up folder (found on the Start menu), so it launches every time you start up Windows. TransTools Utilities icon will also be visible in the system tray (in the bottom-right corner of the screen), so you can right-click the icon and communicate with the program via its menu.

To use TransTools Utilities, you have two options:

  • you can activate the general menu (by pressing a configurable key combination) which provides access to all the available commands:

    Screenshot: TransTools Utilities menu
  • you can set a specific key combination for any command and press that key combination directly.

Suggestions for improving TransTools

TransTools Utilities is a very young product. Please send your feedback on how to improve the existing features and your suggestions for new functionality – for the benefit of the translation community worldwide. Improve TransTools here.

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