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New features in TransTools 3.4

Multiple Replace tool

One of the oldest commands in TransTools is called Multiple Replace. This Microsoft Word tool makes it possible to perform a number of replacements in the current document or selection without the need to use Microsoft Word Find & Replace dialogue for each individual replacement. It can be used in a number of situations, such as:

  • to correct several words or phrases:
    • to enforce a particular language variant (e.g., British English instead of American English: “colour” instead of “color”, “centre” instead of “center”, etc.),
    • to enforce a preferential spelling of particular words for consistency or in line with a style guide (e.g., “archaeology” instead of “archeology”),
    • to correct mistakes found in another document on the same job,
    • to perform replacements in source documents prior to translation (e.g., to change quotation marks from directional to straight ones or vice versa).
  • to “translate” automatically generated documents that have a lot of repetitive text.

In TransTools 3.4, Multiple Replace tool was completely redesigned to make it easier to use and more powerful.

The new features include:

  • Replacement list entries can be added or modified using a special dialogue.
  • Entries have several options: “Replace whole words only”, “Case sensitive search ” and “Use wildcards”, so you can perform virtually anything that is possible with Microsoft Word Find & Replace dialogue.
  • Replacement lists can be saved for later use and loaded when needed. Using this feature, you can create custom replacement lists for specific tasks, customers, language pairs, etc.
  • You can copy replacement lists to clipboard (to store them in Microsoft Excel or Word table, for instance) and paste them from clipboard.
  • Replacements can be highlighted using a specific highlight color so you can check whether everything was replaced correctly.

Here is a screenshot of the new Multiple Replace dialogue with a small sample replacement list:

Screenshot: Multiple Replace dialogue

If you have a CAT tool and would like to use Multiple Replace, you can do so by exporting your ongoing translation in one of two bilingual exchange formats: Trados Tag-delimited DOC format (Trados 2007 / Wordfast Classic format) or Bilingual Table format (Word document with a single table containing original text and translation). For a detailed procedure, please refer to the tool's online reference page.

You can read about the tool in more detail here.

To test the updated tool, download and install the new version of TransTools.

Other updates

In addition to the Multiple Replace tool enhancements covered above, the following changes have been made in TransTools for Word:

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October 30, 2014

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