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New features - TransTools version 1.9

I have just updated TransTools to version 1.9. Below is a summary of the changes.

Find Spaces command improvements

The new release offers a number of improvements in the Find Spaces command in TransTools for Word. It is now easier to search for excessive spaces and reformat them to improve your final documents.

Find Spaces is a must-have tool for processing of Word documents before, after or during translation. It helps you find and replace (or remove) sequences of spaces very quickly and accurately instead of using tricks like replacing two spaces with one space, etc. I've now rethought the user interface and hope it is more effective. Here it is:

Screenshot: Updated Find & Replace Excessive Spaces dialogue

Some of the command's uses include:

  • Preparation of Word documents for importing into computer-aided translation (translation environment) tools, e.g. SDL Trados, memoQ, Wordfast, DVX, or online environments. Sometimes long sequences of spaces are used by inexperienced Word users to wrap text to new lines, especially in tables, or to aling text into columns instead of tabs, which produces incorrect segmentation. Long sequences of spaces in the middle of segments also cause translation memory pollution, preventing correct matches in the future.
  • Processing documents in the course of translation if you do not use computer-aided translation tools. Hunting for spaces is a strain on the eyes, and the tool does it much faster than you normally would.
  • Just making your end documents aesthetically pleasing. Nothing makes your client happy than giving you a plain-looking document and getting back a shiny piece of art. :-)

The new option, "Warn if number of spaces equals or exceeds #", is very handy if you need a warning (displayed at the bottom of the dialogue) that a long space sequence was encountered. Oftentimes such sequences need special handling, like replacing with a tab or a line break instead of a simple space. I also recommend you to use [Find Next] and [Replace] buttons instead of [Replace All], unless of course you know that all space sequences need to be replaced similarly.

Find Spaces is part of TransTools for Word. Download the recent version of TransTools here and install it. Additional on-line reference on Find Spaces can be found here.

Bug fixes and new features in TransTools Utilities

Version 1.9 incorporates quite a few changes to TransTools Utilities, most of which are bug fixes. For those of you who missed my last newsletter, this is a Windows program which provides features like Paste Unformatted Text (to paste clipboard text into any Windows program without preserving formatting), Insert Symbol (to insert special symbols into any text window), and memoQ Tag Shift (to shift "junk" tags to the very end of the segment).

One significant change is that memoQ Tag Shift can now shift inline (blue) tags to the end of a segment in addition to memoQ tags (this can be changed in the Configuration dialogue).

TransTools Utilities is included in the installation package as an optional component.

8th July 2012

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