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Added Document Processing Tool (TransTools+), a powerful tool for processing multiple Word documents using one or several different TransTools+ commands.
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Version 1.2 released on May 22, 2019

Multiple Find & Replace (TransTools+) – search results are now shown with context for convenience and some issues were fixed.
[See additional info here]
Version 1.1.3 released on April 24, 2019

New versatile QA & formatting tool added to TransTools+: Multiple Find & Replace.
[See additional info here]
Version 1.1 released on March 21, 2019

Initial release of TransTools+ plugins with new Hide/Unhide Text tool and Highlighting Tool.
[See additional info here]
Version 1.0 released on October 5, 2018

Added support for the latest changes in Memsource Cloud in Term Morphology Editor.
[See additional info here]
Version 1.0.7 released on August 27, 2018

New tag cleaning option in Document Cleaner (TransTools for Word).
[See additional info here]
Version 3.16 released on December 4, 2017

Several notable improvements in Document Cleaner (TransTools for Word).
[See additional info here]
Version 3.15 released on November 8, 2017

Small improvements in TransTools for Word.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.14.2 released on June 15, 2017

Important improvements in TransTools for AutoCAD.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.14.1 released on March 7, 2017

Improvements in Document Cleaner and Dual Language Document Assistant (TransTools for Word).
[See additional info here]
Version 3.14 released on February 26, 2017

Significant changes in Collect All Graphics From Document, improvement in handling of CJK languages in Unbreaker for Word and PowerPoint, and several fixes in TransTools for Visio.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.13 released on October 29, 2016

Several enhancements and fixes in TransTools for Word and TransTools for PowerPoint.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.12 released on August 6, 2016

New features in TransTools for Visio and TransTools for AutoCAD, other improvements.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.11 released on May 21, 2016

New features in TransTools for AutoCAD add-in and improvements / bug fixes in TransTools for Word.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.10 released on March 20, 2016

Added TransTools for PowerPoint add-in comprising three tools: Tag Cleaner, Unbreaker and Change Language. Some bug fixes in TransTools for Word.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.9 released on January 10, 2016

Multiple enhancements in Tag Cleaner, Unbreaker, Find & Replace Excessive Spaces, Quotation Magic and many other tools.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.8 released on September 1, 2015

Added Spellcheck Assistant, a new tool which makes it very easy to process spellchecking errors in multiple ways and to assign spellchecking language to document text. Other changes and bug fixes.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.7 released on June 26, 2015

Added Correctomatic tool, a proofreader's Swiss Army knife for checking words and phrases in documents and correcting them. Updated several other tools.
[See additional info here]
Version 3.6 released on March 29, 2015

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TransTools and TransTools+ (also called “Translator Tools”) are collections of tools for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, Autodesk AutoCAD and other programs. These tools will help you at every step of the translation process – during preparation of documents for translation, in the course of translation, and during QA and post-formatting. For a quick overview of TransTools and TransTools+, go here and here.

This website also contains other programs for translators and useful resources for translators who want to become more productive with software programs: articles, how-to tips and extra tools.

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If you have ideas on how to improve TransTools, what articles should be published, etc, please write to me at info@translatortools.net.

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